I’m moving to London and planning my wedding so I need cash. And lots of it.

Or, more professionally - hello! I’m a freelance illustrator hoping to bring you much happiness with my skills! I have had many happy customers so far but I could always do with some more.

A commissioned portrait is a great gift for the holidays but I can draw anything you like and every subject is negotiable. 

Black + White Character $25 or $20 per character for multiple characters.

Colour Bust Character $35 or $30per character for multiple characters.

Colour Full Body Character $45 or $40 per character for multiple characters.

Character and Full Background $75 or $70 per character for multiple characters.

Fully Illustrated Print $100 includes background and printed and delivered on high quality paper. $40 per character for multiple LARGE characters (small characters are free).

If your idea doesn’t fit into these categories, that’s fine. I’ve drawn super hero teams, comic pages and even more realistic stuff before, so I’m happy to discuss anything!

All payment is through Paypal.

Please send me an email at hamishwsteele@gmail.com

And remember to include full detailed descriptions of what you want and as many reference photos or images that you can.

Even if this isn’t for you, please help me out and pass this post along! Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE - Commissions are delivered as a high-resolution JPEG (or file format of your choice) and a printable PDF. A physically delivered print can also be discussed at an additional cost.

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